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has 40+ years of proven in-service performance,
Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment,
hot water immersion, thermal aging and soil
stress at maximum-rated operating temperature.

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coating systems can be field applied as
a corrosion prevention coating in the oil,
gas, and water markets with operating
temperatures up to 120°C (250°F).

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has excellent adhesion to bare steel and
fusion bonded epoxy mainline coatings,
Superior resistance to water immersion
including sea water and ground water
over a broad pH range.

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Impenetrable to water, oxygen and bacteria,
No cathodic disbondment, osmosis
or MIC with 30 years guarantee.

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Welcome to ISK Services – Partner in your Progress.

ISK Services is the global company and is committed to providing reliable and competitive products, services and solutions to all the markets that we serve.


The ®Covalence DIRAX.
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®Polyken tape coating systems.
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All ®Powercrete formulations.
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®STOPAQ, the market leader.
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Above or under water, from salty swamps to complex polar operations, Seal For Life offers a number of specialist and proven products. The best approach for many projects is to combine these products, thus delivering a tailor made and optimized solution for each individual project.

The complementary strength of Seal For Life Industries allows us to deal with any challenge, in any infrastructure, anywhere in the world, in a specific and tailor-made manner.

  • Covalence Heat Shrinkable technology
  • Polyken Tape technology
  • Powercrete Liquid Coating technology
  • Stopaq Self-Healing corrosion prevention & sealant technology

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